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SocialSMS is a unique social networking website where you can connect to anyone you care about anywhere in the world. It’s a new social experience that helps you find out news about friends, relatives, and family members, enabling you to share your thoughts with who you want, when you want and how you want! This website is a global community for everyone without any restrictions.  


At SocialSMS you have your own profile page where you can share your thoughts and ideas, past or present with anyone you wish, any time you like. You can also access SocialSMS via mobile phones, allowing you be online while you are on move! 


Additionally, SocialSMS provides a free mobile SMS service that allows you to send totally free text messages to anyone, anywhere in the world, both locally and internationally. 


We're always looking for ideas and ways to improve SocialSMS, so please help us by submitting your feedback using our Contact Us page. 





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